And The Real Winner Is…

Davao City’s roads looked empty yesterday. We cancelled our site visit with clients to Samal Island knowing that no one would come.

You ask me why?

Because it was Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Timothy Bradley.

Yes, that’s how it is in the Philippines. Or in my city, Davao. People are all tuned in to their tv’s.  I paid pay per view with Cignal so we could watch the fight without the never-ending advertisements. 🙂

Pacman is the “pambansang kamao”, after all.

Manny fought well. So did Bradley. I don’t know how the points are counted but I think Pacman got more? 🙂 I don’t know.

Bradley won againts Pacquiao. The whole Philippines got stunned. Or should I say the whole world got stunned? No one obviously expected that. Filipinos got disappointed. But Manny of course remains to be our favorite. Regardless.

I guess, that’s one thing about Filipinos. We stick together, for better or for worse. Like a family.

My fb page got flooded with comments. But this one, I liked. So i’ll share them with you.

They too were stunned and disappointed. Justin Timberlake said, rigged. hehe… Was it? What do you think?

Pacman  may have lost this fight according to the judges. But he fought the fight pretty well. And he gave Bradley a hard time. 🙂 That alone was more than enough for a boxer.

Pacman didn’t make it easy for his opponent. So for me, he still is the real winner.

In his heart and mind, Manny knew he won. But he bowed out gracefully. That is classy and that’s what made him a cut above the rest.

Let me rephrase what Oscar Dela Hoya said above – “Bradley should have given the belt and announced victory to Pacquiao right after the announcement”.

Any comments? 🙂




Lea C. Walker




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