David’s Salon

One of the best places to go when it comes to hair treatments and the like in Davao City is David’s Salon. I’ve been going there for years but mostly when I need a pedicure. 🙂 I like the polish they use because it stays a lot longer than the other salons use. You see I’ve tried them all. So I’d like to think that I know what I’m talking about. hehe .. Seriously though, if you like a good quality polish when you have a manicure or a pedicure, go to David’s Salon at the 2nd Floor of NCCC Mall, Maa, Davao City.
Err.. I don’t get paid when I write these things. 🙂 But our women out there I’m sure, would like to have value for the money services right? So I hope this helps…
Ok, let’s go back to my hair treatment. I was told that stress can make your hair dry. If that is true, then I guess that’s what’s causing mine. hu hu.. I cannot close our business. I love my work, period! So I’ll just take care of the stress some other way huh?! LOL
And I am so glad that I went to David’s for that purpose. I forgot to ask exactly what they used, but boy I’ve never felt this good with my hair for a very long time. This is so vain.. haha. But women don’t like messy hair when we’re working. We don’t want the “mahangin sa labas” look right? It is our crowning glory after all..

                                                            Marlon, my hairstylist.

                   I told her, smile. I’ll include you in my blog. And we both laughed. haha

                                   The blogger and the photo addict in me, at work. LOL  
Thank you guys! 🙂 Very much…
David’s Salon is just on the 2nd Floor of NCCC Mall in Maa. I find it really convenient for me because we have a Real Estate booth there, facing the grocery section. 🙂
                                                            Lea C. Walker

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