Singapore- Water World

While I was browsing some pictures, I realized that I never posted about Universal Studio’s Water World show. It’s a pity because it was one of the best shows I’ve watched while we were in Sentosa, Singapore.
John and I were just wandering around Universal Studio when we saw flocks of people going inside a barn type structure. Wondering what was going on, we followed them and realized that more people are waiting inside, sitting on benches.
We found a nice spot on top and sat there. It’s a good thing that we did, because the waterworld actors started splashing water to the excited audience. 🙂
The show was a copy of the movie “Water World” starred by Kevin Costner. The setting is supposedly on a distant future, when the polar ice cap melted and covered all the land with water. Hence, the title Water World. Hmmmn… with all the floodings these days, I am wondering if this could possibly happen. Not a good idea for those who cannot swim, like me. huhu… Tsk.. tsk.. I guess, I need to start learning huh!
With a loud noise, the show started and the audience started clapping.
As the story continues to unfold, I was amazed by how good the actors were. It’s like watching Kevin Costner and Jeanne Triplehorn once again. Only this time, I felt like they’re just infront of me. hehe…
The stunts were astonishing. The actors were mostly in their 20’s. And I was amazed by the trainings they did before working in the show. Imagine doing the same thing several times in a day, seven days a week. Tiring huh? But their performance did not show such. Infact, they were all great!
The show really delivered. 🙂 With the boats, jet skis, the plane and the explosion at the ending, it was just amazing! Dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. Those are two of the words I could think of to describe how I felt. The rest of the audience probably felt the same way because everyone stood up and started clapping.
I am glad that I have this memory to cherish of, in one of our travels….
                                                        Lea C. Walker

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